Google’s Blue Chips: A Look back at Acquisitions Past

Since the turn of the century we have seen amazing technological growth along with the rise of big powers in the industry. Since 2001 Google has positioned itself as the epitome of where a start-up would like to get. It has become am acquisition king in the industry spending $28 billion in the last 13 years on 1163 companies, consuming about one per month.

Here are the top 11 companies that Google has acquired based on their return to Google’s john jellinekinvestment:

  • Makani Power-$30 Million
    • The potential for the clean energy that Makani has in the pipeline can yield Google to be a serious competitor in the energy industry.
  • Zagat- $151 Million
    • Purchased in September of 2011, this restaurant review serive gives Google a great competitive postion to go toe-to-toe with alternatives like Yelp.
  • Titan Aerospace-$60 Million
    • Titan created solar powered drones with can self-sustain mid flight. The contributions toward google are found in Maps, Google Earth, X project, and even the prospect of flying wireless connective-capable drones over remote regions. Bringing Internet to every part of the globe, potentially.
  • DNNresearch Inc.-$5 Million
    • DNN specializes in creating computer software to mimic the thought process of human brains. This helps with problem solving and logic questions in the software. It has proved its worth by providing Maps with the ability to identify hundreds of millions of streets and house numbers at the Street View level.
  • DeepMind Technologies- $650 Million
    • Similar to a sci-fi movie, Deepmind is developing cognition for comupters to be able to listen to music and create perception for such media. Google will soon be able to teach computer to describe visuals that it currently cannot.
  • Boston Dynamics-$500 Million
    • Running parallel with Amazon’s proposed shipping method through drone service, this robotics company is helping Google build robots for delivery purposes. With potential being vast for this type of technology there can be no limit to the uses.
  • Waze-$966 Million
    • Absorbing the data from Waze’s 44 million users, Google has been able to significantly increase their Maps efficiency and data offering to the end user.
  • Nest Labs- $3.2 Billion
    • While being able to control home products such as the thermostat and smoke detector, Nest Labs offers Google customers habit data, which can be used for behavioral market research.
  • DoubleClick-$3.1 Billion
    • A boost to Google’s ad service, DoubleClick supplements a division of Google that account for 95% of its revenue from last quarter.
  • Youtube- $1.65 Billion
    • The most relevant video sharing and streaming service online today Youtube is an enormous asset to Google’s Porfolio. This site is the number 3 ranked site in the U.S. and the world.
  • Android- $50 Million
    • Snatching android’s software system up for $50 million seems like pennies compared to what it has grown into, being the most used OS in the smartphone industry in the world.

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