About John Jellinek

John I. Jellinek is the President of Jelco Ventures, Inc., a private equity investment firm he founded back in 1971. Over the last thirty years, John has been apart of over fifty private equity transactions. Some of the more notable transactions include Bell Sports Corporation, IMNET Systems, Inc., Apogent Technologies, Tapscotts, Inc., Labor Source LLC, Pelstar LLC and CourtLink. Aside from running Jelco Ventures, Inc., John Jellinek was a shareholder and operating director of the boutique, mid-market investment bank BPC Group. He was  also a director and founder of the following following companies, K2 Industrial, Inc., Pelstar LLC, and Capital Resources Advisors. From April 2005 to June 2011, John Jellinek has been serving as the Chairman of Zenith Administrators Inc., a third party employee benefit plan administrator serving multi-employer, single employer and public employer benefit plans. In addition, John was the treasurer of the Aspen Valley Hospital Board of Trustees.




Miami University

  • Bachelor of Science
  • Co-founder of the Entrepreneur Foundation
  • Co-trustee of the Business School Board

University of Chicago

  • Masters of Business Administration



John Jellinek Advisory Work


John Jellinek advises multiple companies, including Block Scientific, a laboratory equipment supplier out of New York, Syntron Bio Research Inc, a research, development and manufacturing company specializing in advanced vitro immunodiagnostic test systems, and Syntron Block Tox. Finally, John is an advisor and shareholder at Amara Health Analytics, a company providing predictive analytics that help clinicians detect diseases early.